About U of Meg

Hi! Welcome to U of Meg, authentic university merchandise reworked by Megan Chong. U of Meg is proud to be an entirely self-funded, female- and Asian-owned small business based in Toronto, Ontario. But with this in mind, U of Meg is more than a clothing brand – it is a community of friends who LOVE wearing cool clothes.

From binge watching Project Runway episodes with her mom as a little girl, to designing her own figure skating dresses, to being the Head of Designers of her high school charity fashion show, Megan has always loved fashion. She loves the creative process and expressing herself through her clothes.

Currently, Megan is a fourth-year Rotman Commerce student at the University of Toronto. In her studies, she is actively learning the fundamentals of business, and applying her knowledge to real-life experiences.

Through U of Meg, Megan loves sharing her passion for fashion with her peers. Established in May 2020, U of Meg was created to build a sense of community for university students when everyone was at home during quarantine. Every garment is sewn or tie-dyed by Megan herself and is made with love! Proceeds from each drop are donated to a variety of important causes, including Black Lives Matter, the API community, local food banks, and mental health awareness organizations.

So far, U of Meg has reworked merchandise for UofT, Queen's, Western, McGill, UBC, Dalhousie, to name a few. In the future, Megan hopes to expand her brand to other schools across the country!

Most recently, you can spot Megan's merchandise on Olympians, influencers and celebrities, including Loud Luxury.

Megan Chong U of Meg Authentic Reworked Uni Merch

Megan in her UofT OG Twin Crewneck.